The Solutions

Scale Series

Canvas Hosting offers a few different packages depending on your scaling needs. Begin with Studio to get yourself started, grow with attention in a Gallery, or announce yourself to the world with a Festival.

Studio Learn More

About the Studio

A Studio is where one gets started creating one's masterpiece. This is a single Web node on which you can develop your site or application. Focus on your work in private, and talk to us when you're ready to open your doors.

Gallery Learn More

About the Gallery

Have you already begun your masterpiece? Have you begun to attract too many visitors to your small studio space? If so, you might consider your own Gallery.

Festival Learn More

About the Festival

Much like a traditional festival, our Festival offering is specifically designed to allow for full public consumption of your masterpiece. It is comprised of two redundant Database Nodes, one Management Node, a Load Balancer, and starts off with four load-balanced Web Nodes.

Stand-Alone Hosting

Cube Learn More

About the Cube

Sometimes, your needs entail the "nothing too-fancy". This is a stand-alone, full-stack private server on which you can host your marketing site, source control, continuous integration, or your own private sandbox.

Riak Hosting

With a new age of application and infrastructure scaling comes new options for dealing with the ways that we handle data. One of our favorites in this arena is the Riak data store from Basho. We have been using Riak in some of our own projects for a while now, and we like it a lot. That being the case, we are offering turn-key private Riak clusters for your use.

Starter Cluster Learn More

  • 3 Riak Nodes configured as a Riak cluster
  • 1 Management Node
  • 1 Load Balancer to act as an entry point to the cluster.

In this configuration, the starter cluster has a capacity of approximately 7,000,000 key-value pairs. More Riak Nodes can be added at any time.

(Based on an average key length of 15 bytes and an average value size of 2000 bytes.)