The Gallery

Begin Scaling

Have you already begun your masterpiece? Have you begun to attract too many visitors to your small studio space? If so, you might consider your own Gallery.

2 Web, 1 Database, 1 Management, 1 Load Balancer
The Gallery

2 Web Nodes 1 Database Node 1 Management Node 1 Load Balancer

The Specs

Load Balancer
Traffic Director
Web Node
Memory: 2GB Storage: 5GB vCPUs: 2
Database Node
Memory: 4GB Storage: 15GB vCPUs: 2
Management Node
Memory: 246MB Storage: 200GB vCPUs: 1

Why a Gallery?

The Gallery architecture is designed for existing applications that are buckling under the stress of running on a single server. The database has been moved to its own dedicated server, and the two web nodes share the burden of handling requests to your application.

While there is no lower bound on the traffic that this architecture can handle, it will serve you best when providing the services for a medium to heavy traffic site. All in all, this is just as good a fit for a small to medium business as it is for a start-up that is preparing for their public launch.

Important Features

  • Total of 5 servers (LB, 2xW, 1xD, 1xM)
  • Load-balanced


  • Use the surplus storage on the Management node for shared storage across your Web nodes
  • Be ready for the extra traffic for your public launch
  • Be ready for the extra traffic for your new promotion

$799 /mo

Start growing your creation.

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