The Festival

Show Off

Much like a traditional festival, our Festival offering is specifically designed to allow for full public consumption of your masterpiece.

4 Web, 2 Database, 1 Management, 1 Load Balancer
The Festival

4 Web Nodes 2 Database Nodes 1 Management Node 1 Load Balancer

The Specs

Load Balancer
Traffic Director
Web Node
Memory: 2GB Storage: 5GB vCPUs: 2
Database Node
Memory: 4GB Storage: 15GB vCPUs: 2
Management Node
Memory: 246MB Storage: 200GB vCPUs: 1

Why a Festival?

Have you already hit the entry-level of the Big Time? If your traffic profile starts off on the heavy end, our Festival is for you.

Important Features

  • Total of 8 servers (LB, 4xW, 2xDB, M)
  • Redundant database (high availability via failover)
  • Cuts the stress on each web node roughly in half, compared to a Gallery


  • Handle tons of traffic
  • Shared storage possible with the Management node