Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use

It seems that acceptable use documents tend to fall into at least one of two categories: perceived death threats and tomes of superfluous legal babble. We dislike that trend, so we are trying something a bit different. This document describes our AUP in plain English.

In short, we ask only that our services be used in a well-meaning, lawful, responsible and respectful manner.

Any of the activities on the following list will lead most immediately to a suspension of services so we can investigate the abusive behavior. Many suspensions will then be followed by complete termination of service. Credit will not be provided for those who have had service interrupted due to a violation of this policy.

Activities not on this list will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and we may expand the list of known abuses if need be.

If ever you have a question regarding this AUP, please feel free to ask via email to

Known Abuses

These are activities that we currently explicitly prohibit. There may be other unfavorable activities that are not explicitly listed here, and partaking in such activities may also lead to a suspension of services. We will consider those on a case-by-case basis, and we may expand this list if they are especially heinous.

As mentioned, using Canvas Hosting resources for any of the following activities will result in a suspension of service, pending investigation, and probable termination of services. We would greatly appreciate your not doing this stuff.