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Canvas was built to help you scale. Hit it big or just about to, we're the host for you.

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Scaling your application isn't easy. We know because we've experienced our own growing pains with past launches. Most people simply suggest throwing the application "into the cloud". But what they fail to mention is how to get to the cloud, or how to manage your application once you're there.

Canvas was built to help you scale. If your business harbors hopes of hitting it big, or are already on the way - we're here for you. We make it easy to get started scaling, and sophisticated enough to keep growing when you need it most.

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Behind amazing art is a canvas created to support the vision of the artist. Your canvas shouldn't get in the way. It should enable.

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Change how you think about scale.

Scale how you need.

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Riak Hosting

Riak is here. And we host it.

A Riak starter cluster is just a turnkey away.

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We manage your cloud so you don't have to. It's like having your very own cloud butler.

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